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Using MathJax / $\TeX$ on the Cryptography site

MathJax is used to format mathematical expressions and symbols on cryptography site. You can use expressions within single dollar signs for inline math: $0101_2$ ...
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How can I use MathJax / $\TeX$ to format bitwise operations?

There are no direct choices for bitwise operators. We have however a few options in this regard, taken from the logical set of operators: XOR (exclusive OR): the symbol $\oplus$ can be created using ...
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Use MathJax / $\TeX$ within Cryptography META

Normally, we do turn the setting on for a meta site when we do it for a main sites. I'm not sure why that didn't happen here, but as of a minute ago: $$ MathJax \Rightarrow enabled $$
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Change the correct link for the $\LaTeX$ reference in our help center as well

This is done:
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Test out posts with MathJax / $\LaTeX$

Using TikZ to do crypto graphics Here the reference is obviously the very useful website TikZ for Cryptographers, which provides many examples that can then be adapted and contributed back to the ...
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Typing a circled plus sign or a boxed plus sign like a summation

$\bigoplus\limits_{i=0}^n x_i$ $\bigoplus\limits_{i=0}^n x_i$ $\operatorname{\boxplus}\limits_{i=0}^n x_i$ ...
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How can I "prettify" complex equation systems in MathJax / $\TeX$?

The simplest way is to just use $<YOUR EQUATION HERE>$ like in this example $f(x)=x^2$ ($f(x)=x^2$). This is also called ...
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Test out posts with MathJax / $\LaTeX$

Yes, you can create any answer here, where it is out of the way and visible only to other persons that are interested in using $\LaTeX$!
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Typing a circled plus sign or a boxed plus sign like a summation

Use \operatorname*{...} if you want to be able to use limits with it (and have it change with display versus text styles automatically. You might also want to ...
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Test out posts with MathJax / $\LaTeX$

This is a test (with $$ at start and end; or context see this, or if it fails this). $$ k\;\overset{ *}\gets\; \{0,1\}\\ k\;\overset{\\\$}\gets\; \{0,1\}\\ k\;\...
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Test out posts with MathJax / $\LaTeX$

This formula is fine on the preview, however, not when saved. Formula: $\mathbf{Adv}^{ind-cca3}_{\pi}(A)=Pr\left[K\overset{\\\$}{\leftarrow}\mathcal{K}:A^{\mathcal{E}_K(\cdot),\mathcal{D}_K(\cdot)}\...
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