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Is TorBrowser usage being shadow-banned?

Overview: I use TorBrowser daily, even when I'm accessing my stackexchange accounts. This hasn't ever been a problem, until recently (I think in the last few months). The issue is that various ...
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Who all get notified when any comment is posted on an answer?

Alice asks a question. I reply to it. Alice comments on my answer. I automatically get notified because it's my answer. Instead let's say I ask a question & Alice replies to it. I comment on Alice'...
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Unethical behavior by a moderator noticed

I posted a few comments here Does Schnorr's 2021 factoring method show that the RSA cryptosystem is not secure? my comments (and supporting comments by another user and my flags are erased without ...
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How to create links to our pages and sister sites from within comments and chat?

Apparently it is possible to use [] to resolve to Cryptography, with a link to where the ...
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Capture the flag questions

Currently we seem to get quite a lot of capture-the-flag questions. The idea of these capture the flag challenges is not to ask for a solution on the internet, it seems to me. Should we possibly ...
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"moved to chat" links broken

It seems at least some "moved to chat" links are broken, example This is ...
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What about an "edit one's comments" privilege?

I regularly find myself in a situation where a mistake creeps in a comment I made, and I realize it after the 5 min allowance is over. Perhaps I messed up a word, a formula, or some part of a link. ...
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Italics and bold missing in comments for Firefox 53/54?

I don't get any italized or bold text at all anymore, neither in text of a post nor in the comments. What goes wrong on my Firefox 53.0.3 (32-bit) (strikethrough works) Firefox 54.0 (64 bit) on ...
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When should moderators move comments to chat?

Recently I've seen a few questions/answers where a moderator decided to move all comments to the chat room and delete them from the question/answer in question, leaving only a link to the chat room ...
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Always allow comments on own answers?

Apologies if this is a dupe, on my phone and hard to search thoroughly. I understand the rationale for disallowing comments on general answers when rep <50, but I think users should always be able ...
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Asking question about RSA on Stackexchange

There is an explanation of math behind the RSA on: What is the relation between RSA & Fermat's little theorem? It is answered by Antony Vennard. It looks very interesting, but unfortunately ...
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Why does the site change how it displays comments?

EDIT: I got it to happen again, and this time it took much longer than 5 minutes. I've sort of noticed it happening before, but I wasn't sure, and even assuming I was correct I didn't have an idea of ...
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Link in comment

On this question I was trying to put a link in a comment. The link is But the end parentheses isn't part of the link. Is this a bug, or am I just doing something ...
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Inability to delete comments in Chrome

I attempted to delete a comment while using Chrome, but clicking the delete symbol did not result in any noticeable response. I was able to successfully delete the comment using Firefox, and was also ...
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