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12 votes

Cryptography's updated site theme is ready for testing!

Before reading this, please be warned that my feedback is going to hurt some feelings. Honestly, and please excuse my choice of wording, the new theme sucks big time! The left sidebar – which merely ...
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8 votes

Our site logo's broken :(

We just optimized a bunch of our SVG images, and it introduced a few artifacts. I've replaced the Cryptography sprites. It should be fixed in the next build.
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5 votes

Cryptography's updated site theme is ready for testing!

In my opinion, the new design actually works quite well here on crypto.SE once you collapse the left sidebar. Honestly, that really should be the default, at least until and unless we actually get ...
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2 votes

Tags page looks weird when there are no search results

I can confirm this. Related bug also affects mobile browsers. In fact, this could point to more than just a single pixel problem since the whole flow seems to be a bit broken. For example, here's ...
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