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I fail to register a close vote mentionning that the question is off-topic and should be migrated

When I try to register a close vote for this about any question as follows close off-topic because... This question belongs on another site in the Stack Exchange network the only choice that I have ...
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Why is the twitter handle for crypto.SE inactive from Feb 2023?

The twitter handle for crypto.SE used to be active earlier but has been silent from Feb 2023 - what's the reason?
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Can we get a bugfix for the double-voting glitch when migrating Q&As?

After migrating this Q&A from Crypto.SE to Security.SE, I accidently noticed a bug/glitch related to migrated Q&As. Practically, this glitch - which needs either a bugfix or an explanation ...
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Strong text a bit too strong

In the new site design I think that the bold style is a bit too strong. This can be fixed by using Semi-Bold font face, i.e. replacing: ...
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Out of phase comments

The following scenario lead to an inconsistent state in a page: A answers question Q; B comments on the answer; A edits its answer to Q'; B's comment does not apply to Q' anymore. However, even if B ...
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Can't submit a question

I try to submit a question, but i get error This post appears to be a duplicate of Can SRP be used with Elliptic Curves? If you click on the link, you'll see the question is deleted. Seems to be a ...
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Why do i get captcha when posting a question?

Why do i get captcha when posting a question? Besides that - captchas cost like $1 for 1000 and don't protect from bots. They just annoy legal users.
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