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Editing titles to make them more specific

I don't think we edit titles enough. Editing titles helps make them stand out from the crowd: Just the latest batch of questions: What is this algorithm / concept called? Unknown cipher text for ...
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Crypto.SE linked to from BBC News

The Article NSA 'altered random-number generator' on the BBC news website mentions the question Who uses Dual_EC_DRBG? in this context: For example, Microsoft had used the algorithm in software ...
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2 answers

What to do with the Snowden questions?

I am specifically referring to the Snowden question follow-up here. People have voiced concern over this type of question in comments, and there have been suggestions of taking this to Meta. This ...
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Question without bounty featured

The question "BB84 - Bits needed to detect Eve's presence" is still listed in the featured tab on the main site even though the bounty expired four days ago (wasn't awarded). Can somebody please fix ...
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Appealing the closure of the question 'more technical reading on the ongoing (alleged) Chinese cyberattacks'

The question More technical details on the ongoing (alleged) Chinese cyberattacks was recently closed by a moderator, with the explanation given that "reference requests are considered off topic here"....
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Should this question have been closed?

The mods might have been a bit hasty in closing this question about the cube-root attack on RSA. The reason for closing was given as follows: Requests for analyzing or deciphering a block of data ...
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