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What is the reading list on specific topics at Crypto.SE?

A while back, I noticed on [Computer Science.SE], they have a Reference FAQ List, and I think it might be good to have one here at [Crypto.SE] as well. Previously in this post: Do you think it's a ...
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My question or answer was denied

Is my pseudorandom generator difficult to guess the next output? My ask was hold on. Why did my ask hold on? I do not know what I do. Should I ask someone else to translate? If so, who should I ask? ...
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4 answers

Are questions asking what [crypto term] is and used for on-topic?

The question What is a Pedersen commitment? was closed as off-topic, with justification that is is a "Requests for literature, software or similar recommendations", when I do not see that it is. I ...
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"Please review and spell check your question" before posting

Could we have a "Have you reviewed and spell checked your question [OK][Review]" button before a post button appearing on new questions by new users? I'm constantly editing posts, not to remove ...
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Is "asking for example after posting what I did" allowed on this site?

Suppose I am learning RSA or any other complex scheme. I know how algorithm works theoretically and I want to do an example. If I tries to do an example and I don't get success. Can I ask in crypto....
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Should we close a basic question asked and answered in more complex terms elsewhere?

This question (update: now closed as duplicate) asks a basic thing: why the security level of 2DES is 57-bit (implicitly: given a few plaintext/ciphertext pairs). A helpful (if not quite correct) ...
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What to do with raw dump of homework?

We recently had examples of rather basic homework or classwork questions, presented as such, asked without anything but affirmation that the poster tried and failed to solve them. The pattern includes ...
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