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Bug: Does adding a link mess up the link numbers?

I think I found a severe bug while trying to edit an answer, and I'm unsure where to report it. So I'm doing it just here: An answer that had about 15 links was edited to make some word in the middle (...
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I use HandWiki as my primary online encyclopedia. Would or should people edit my links to Wikipedia?

As many may have already know, I live in a region where my national firewall blocks the IP addresses of Wikipedia (and other WikiMedia content sites, so I can't access them using domain fronting). A ...
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SHA256 spreadsheet

In an effort to share a learning resource; is it appropriate to post links to external sites? What is the right way to post a link to a learning resource? For example; SHA256 spreadsheet
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Use for links in answers?

I recentely had the problem, that a specific page was down, from which I needed a script. So I used my standard way to obtain this file and searched for this page on and found the page and ...
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How to react on links to material obviously made available in violation of a copyright?

When I notice that a question, answer or comment links to something relevant, but obviously made available in violation of someone's copyright (like a full book complete with scanned copyright page ...
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Style for consecutive links

I ran into this a while ago and just noticed it on a newer answer to a question recently migrated here. The problem is if you have multiple links in succession, it is impossible to tell that there are ...
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