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Let's actually vote on our help-center sections!

Every now and then we see a clarification and minor change of the scope of Crypto.SE here on Meta, e.g. our resolution on side-channel considerations being on-topic as well as explicitly clarifying on ...
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Should we generally require hardware-related questions to specify specs?

I've just stumbled over one of our hardware-related Q&As again and it reminded me of something that always itches me when it comes to missing hardware specs. For examle, How fast a middle-class ...
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SHA256 spreadsheet

In an effort to share a learning resource; is it appropriate to post links to external sites? What is the right way to post a link to a learning resource? For example; SHA256 spreadsheet
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Adding to question guidelines?

When asking a question the box on the right says: How to Ask Is your question about cryptography? We prefer questions that can be answered, not just discussed. Provide details. Share ...
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The help center indiscriminately describes “random number generation” as on-topic

From the help center page “What topics can I ask about here?”: Random number generation. Yet, on a recent question: This question is squarely off-topic on crypto.SE because it is about a ...
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Why do we remove "Thanks in advance" from questions?

As I understand it, "thanks for your help" and similar messages removed from questions. I believe the aim of this is to leave Crypto.SE as a neat and relatively formal Q&A, where each question is ...
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