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What should I do when I encounter a spam message?

I've encountered a post that contains nonsense or spam. What should I do? This question was created by a moderator after seeing spam / nonsense being downvoted and closed but not flagged.
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Should we change our response to questions asking for recommendations?

Every once in a while (new) users ask for recommendations for learning about cryptography, i.e. this question. These recommendations include: Literature Books Articles PDF Exercises Webpages ...
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Is a two word answer to a complex question really acceptable?

Recently, I flagged a two word answer from 2015. OP was asking how we know a cryptographic primitive is secure, and the answer contained exactly two words. In fact, the answer was so short that hidden ...
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1 answer

Declined flags on questions which later get closed

I have noticed that a few of my flags (3 out of the last 5) for closure get declined, despite the flagged question later being closed for the very reason specified in my flag. Is there something I am ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Flagging conspiratorial rants

On Sec.SE, it is not uncommon for people to flag (and delete) posts that spout conspiracies and do not give a real answer. I came across a question like that here on Crypto.SE and flagged it. The ...
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Duplicate Issue

I'm not sure why this question was closed as a duplicate. Link The closed question seems more general, and about best practices for having ciphers reviewed while the "duplicated" question is more ...
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Should we have more off-topic Stack Exchange migration options? [duplicate]

Right now we only have a flag option for migrating questions to this meta.crypto.SE site. I find a lot of questions should be migrated to SO.SE or security.SE. Can we add some extra options for ...
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Flagging a question twice

I accidentally flagged a question twice (for a different thing the second time) because I thought the first one had been declined when in fact it had been marked as helpful. Can the moderators delete ...
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