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7 answers

CipherCloud DMCA notice

CipherCloud just filed a DMCA notice with stack exchange to take down the question How is CipherCloud doing homomorphic encryption? (now deleted by stackexchange). Since I obviously can't post the ...
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31 votes
1 answer

Request: Please make takedown notice public, and upload it to Chilling Effects [closed]

Stack Exchange has apparently received a DMCA takedown notice from CipherCloud, requiring Stack Exchange to delete a post with analysis of CipherCloud's product. I'd like to ask that Stack Exchange ...
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3 answers

Why does a question of mine not appear in my profile and activity?

I posted a question here back in March 2015: (bfxor) BruteForcer XOR v1.2 - Data Dictionary Attack on 64-bit Keys The question was closed by the mods. It is not listed in my profile and activity, ...
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2 answers

Should one delete or fix one's own dumb questions?

More often than not, one (at least, me) asks a question that, in retrospect after a simple answer is given, would have been best put on mental hold for a day of maturation, rather than asked right ...
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