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13 votes
3 answers

Can We get a Fourth Custom Close Reason Slot for Cryptocurrency Questions?

After the recent request by Geoffroy, and after feeling an increase in off-topic questions about cryptocurrencies, I decided to look into it more. As it turns out, the current statistics for our close ...
7 votes
2 answers

Do we want bitcoin/cryptocurrency related questions? A cryptocurrency tag?

This question is inspired by this recent comment. My first thought in response to this was to create a cryptocurrency tag. However, we have been receiving a lot of questions here about bitcoin/...
7 votes
0 answers

Crypto.SE, Cryptocurrencies, and Close Reasons: The Way Forward

So, we recently got an answer from Catija the CM on our request for a fourth close reason. The answer (and related mod-only discussions) boil down to the following: We can get our fourth close reason,...
5 votes
1 answer

Which cryptocurrency sites are there on Stack Exchange and everywhere else?

We've got an upcoming close reason about cryptocurrency sites. However, instead of closing down questions we may want to migrate them or point out the resource to the user. That's more helpful than ...