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Should this question have been closed?

The mods might have been a bit hasty in closing this question about the cube-root attack on RSA. The reason for closing was given as follows: Requests for analyzing or deciphering a block of data ...
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What does the community reaction on the FlipsCloud question mean?

I recently asked “Why does “2xAES-256” provide “99.99%” security strength whereas “1xAES-128” provides “40%”?” on the main site. It was kind of a "doghouse" question, as the question by itself ...
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Disagreement with closed question

I am interested about this recent closed question. I thought I'd ask here because I clearly have a different opinion to some, and I wanted to discuss the reasoning. The question is marked as closed ...
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Appealing the closure of the question 'more technical reading on the ongoing (alleged) Chinese cyberattacks'

The question More technical details on the ongoing (alleged) Chinese cyberattacks was recently closed by a moderator, with the explanation given that "reference requests are considered off topic here"....
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My question has been closed. What do I do now?

So after the runaway success of A guide to moderating crypto.stackexchange yourself - close voting, mostly due to some shameless self promotion, and partly because I feel I do not have enough space ...
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A guide to moderating crypto.stackexchange yourself - close voting

So one thing that came out of our recent chat meeting was that (and I'd sort of guessed this by nosing at people's profiles to work out how much SE-wide experience you have) some of our high rep ...
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Help us define our scope by writing the FAQ?

As you probably know, all stackexchange sites have a FAQ. What you might not know is that the community can edit part of it through their moderators. Specifically, we can edit this bit: What kind of ...