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An answer at Cryptography Stack Exchange is something that is written in reply to a question.

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Is it OK to post a question about a Q&A which is already answered & accepted?

I have posted a question & accepted an answer for the question. After some days & more study on the topic, I feel that the answer is not convincing enough & I suspect it may be wrong. I ...
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What should our policy on AI-generated answers be?

We've had our first batch of ChatGPT answers and, no surprise, they were blatantly incorrect. Stack Overflow has recently created a policy banning answers generated by AI. This policy applies ...
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Is a two word answer to a complex question really acceptable?

Recently, I flagged a two word answer from 2015. OP was asking how we know a cryptographic primitive is secure, and the answer contained exactly two words. In fact, the answer was so short that hidden ...
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How should conspiracy answers be treated?

There recently was a Meta Q&A where a discrepancy in the handling of so called "tin-foil hatted" answers was brought up, i.e. answers which claim that e.g. the NSA can break AES easily or answers ...
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Potential bug related to “Community ads must have an image hosted at”?

This suggested answer to our community ads uses the following code: ...
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How to answer homework questions?

I hate seeing a homework question, because I never know how to answer. It has been decided before that good homework questions are acceptable, but there was no real guidance on how to answer them. ...
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Use for links in answers?

I recentely had the problem, that a specific page was down, from which I needed a script. So I used my standard way to obtain this file and searched for this page on and found the page and ...
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Handling broad repetetive quesions

I recently wrote this Q&A that was meant to be a monolithic point of help for (nearly) all questions regarding. But for a "serious" question this was of course too broad. If anybody else would ...
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2 answers

Is it OK to ask people to support projects?

This is inspired by this answer which states I would also recommend a donation to the OpenBSD foundation, since those guys support the OpenSSL and they have financial support problems these days. ...
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Too big answers?

A typical answer on some stackexchange sites including this looks like this. The first half is not directed to the asker at all since I gave to understand in my question that I mostly know how SHA1 ...
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What to do when answers to a question need maintenance?

I've spotted a question which answers seem to need update following recent results, e.g. this. How to best deal with that?
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1 answer

Asking question about RSA on Stackexchange

There is an explanation of math behind the RSA on: What is the relation between RSA & Fermat's little theorem? It is answered by Antony Vennard. It looks very interesting, but unfortunately ...
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6 votes
4 answers

Short of inventing cloning, how do we attract more Paŭlos and Thomases to this site?

Now we are in public beta I think the time is right to do some community building. I am currently third (by one reputation point) in the overall leaderboard (at the time of writing and only by a ...
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