As I'm sure you're all aware by now, Real World Crypto 2018 (RWC'18) is around the corner, starting on the 10th of January.

Now I know many of us will be there, so I'm posting this question, for anybody who wants to be recognized / greeted to answer with identification markers (in case you don't use just your name here).

If you want to be greeted / recognized at RWC, please answer this question and describe how you can be recognized!

I will be there!

I may find me:

  1. possibly wearing a Crypto.SE shirt
  2. or with a Radboud University tag

(2) will either be me (~10% chance) or one of my colleagues.

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    I will be there! I can be found hanging out with @Biv. – CurveEnthusiast Jan 8 at 9:06

I will be there!

Can recognize me by my name :)

I will be there!

For starters you can recognize me by:

  • The Crypto.SE shirt I will be wearing
  • My name sign having the initials "J P M"
  • My avatar being on a physical button I will wear along with a Crypto.SE button (If you run into me you'll get one too, I got a bunch)

More markers will be added shortly before the conference starts!

I was there.

You could recognize me because I was hanging with fellow Crypto.SE people.

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    I can confirm this claim. – SEJPM Jan 14 at 19:46

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