I would herewith like to suggest the removal of the following, three tags:


I just noticed (a day later) that those tags are gone from the tag-list. This makes me realize I probably missed something (and might be hitting a facepalm soon).

Each of those tags were used by 1 or 2 questions, which I edited to retag them using better-fitting tags. This resulted in the fact that there were no questions left that pointed to the tags I mentioned above.

Could it be that a tag is automatically deleted when there are no questions left that use it? Or, is this a misinterpretation and someone already killed those tags without leaving a note here (less likely)?

I'm asking to be sure I'm not posting superfluous stuff about things the system might be taking care of all by itself already…

Nota bene: I adapted the title to reflect the edit, as it might be useful (for future reference) to know if the system does this automatically.

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  • $\begingroup$ Yes, I believe tags that are not used are eventually purged. $\endgroup$ – Thomas Apr 7 '14 at 0:37

Thank you for the edits.

Tags are automatically removed when no question uses them. This is done by a daily batch job, so wait 24 hours.

Additionally, there is a completely separate mechanism that hard-deletes tags that are 6 months old and used by a single question, without creating an entry in the question's revision history. Tags that have a tag wiki are exempt.

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