As of now, our site's logo in the mid-top bar is broken, both on Crypto.Meta.SE and on Crypto.SE.

Here's a picture of either site's logo:

Broken Main Site

Broken Meta Site

This bug was confirmed in private by a co-mod of mine and by Maeher in The Side Channel, so it really seems to be a more global issue.

Can we please have this fixed?

As a reminder, it should look like this:

correct logo correct logo

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    If you came here and asked yourself "why is this featured?", then I tell you that this was done so that you're not like "is this just me?". – SEJPM Apr 20 at 19:31
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    Not sure if I should go <sarcasm>That new logo design is a bit too minimal for my taste.</sarcasm> or rather opt in for a meme. – Jokes aside, it’s indeed not as it should be. – e-sushi Apr 20 at 23:29
  • No reaction to this at all? – Maeher Apr 23 at 23:47
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    @Maeher I just pinged a CM on it, so they are aware of it now. – SEJPM Apr 24 at 17:17
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    If this is a feature, rather than a bug, do we all get new t-shirts? – mikeazo Apr 26 at 12:29
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    @SEJPM When can we start offering a bounty on questions like these? I know, style transitions that nobody really wants to implement. But 6 days is a long time for the main logo. This is the first thing people see when visiting this site! – Maarten Bodewes Apr 26 at 21:42
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    @MaartenBodewes You can't start bounties on child meta sites. But the design team is aware of this. – animuson Apr 27 at 2:02
  • @animuson Thanks for the feedback. Highly appreciate it! – e-sushi Apr 27 at 3:33
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We just optimized a bunch of our SVG images, and it introduced a few artifacts. I've replaced the Cryptography sprites. It should be fixed in the next build.

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    Thanks for fixing this, looks fine now! I'll get out my centimeter in a minute :P – Maarten Bodewes Apr 28 at 11:53
  • Looks perfect. Thanks for the efforts and quick fix! – e-sushi Apr 28 at 12:05

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